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Don't download from The file is no more than a placeholder or and ad. It is possible to download it, but even after download, only trace of it that you will find is it's fake executable in app. It doesn't create anything in root/app folder. 

if you decide to jump to the webpage that is linked up there ^ you will most likely waste even more time, as I have. First of all it is 15day trial or 75$, I get it, that isn't much, but considering the fact that I had to register, to get the download link for the app it self and license key file. After few minutes of downloading and installing, the official application, downloaded straight from link that was provided by sceelix email. It simply doesn't start, in addition to that it has a potential security threat...

Tbh this is as fucked up as it gets, never had any similar issues with any alternative app.



As a developer and customer, I was quite disappointed with the "free" model of the owners. First, the download on did not work (win 64) and I had to go to the site, to have to do the famous registry to download. (sigh..). I downloaded the software and to my surprise, I still needed to activate a ... demo!

This software stayed exactly 15 seconds on my machine, soon being uninstalled. It's a lot of bureaucracy to test a software. Neither Unreal 4, gave me a headache that your company gave to me ...


I have given this demo a fair run. The demo works if you using Debian or Ubuntu and download it directly from your site and not However, there are three sticking points that I've noticed that keep me from using it more.

  1. The beveled 3-D look to the menus and GUI is a little annoying, I prefer flat, if I'm going to be using this for eight to twelve hours a day.
  2. The text in the menus and help section are really tiny, unreadable at 4k and 5k on Linux. If this works on Apple and Windows 10, I can see why it works because they have better font support than on Linux. I had to kick it down to 1280x720 so that I could even use the software. It's best to use anti-aliased fonts, that are bold vector based for menus, so no matter how big or small the text is, you can still read it.
  3. The speed of the menus are a tad bit sluggish and I don't care for the animations of the menus, such as the dialog boxes. I prefer it to be immediate, also looking flat instead of the fancy beveled 3-D look. I prefer to keep the processing power on the scene and modeling instead of on the looks of the editor.
Getting past those annoyances, the software does function as described and is interesting, perhaps in due time you'll be able to persuade me to buy a copy when the items listed above can / will be resolved. As a note, on Linux I tried to use my 3-D mouse and it doesn't work but I'm fine with that. If you're curious as to the mouse, you can find out about it here.

I have the SpaceMouse Pro. Thanks for letting me test drive the early access software.


I'm downloading the trial directly from your website for which I do see a .deb on there, I'll give that one a try.

Did you have an issue with the link on the itch page?
Please let us know how you get along. We'd be interested to know :)

Yes, download link for didn't work, as that was the original problem, it didn't have an actual .deb installer nor was it created to work with the launcher.


The author of this package apparently doesn't know how to pack a .deb file correctly. Not only does it not install, the paths to the executable in the various script files are wrong.

This is going to take me awhile to get this thing to work, I don't have time at this moment to work on it.

Note: The proper path to create a .deb package installer file;

All files must have a project named directory, the second directory to be created inside that project name is, "DEBIAN". Inside the "DEBIAN" directory you need all of these files included the packed archives;

control, control.tar.gz, data.tar.gz, debian.binary and md5sums

Then from the top level (just outside your project name directory). Use 'dpkg --build YourProjectDirectoryGoesHere. I'd recommend using double quotes around your project directory, that way, if you have spaces or some other weird character that UNIX / Linux does normally like or are case sensitive with go through without a hitch.

Now, I've built the .deb just fine, however, you don't have script to reslove the 'mono-complete' in your installation script.

If you attempt to install it, you run into unmet dependencies.

To fix this you need to run;

sudo apt -f install

That will get what is needed and then the dpkg with finish doing it's thing.

However, there is another problem, "scellix" should have a symlink created to go from the "Launch" button in itch to the systems directory it's located in via "/usr/lib".

I hate to say this, the tool isn't ready for use on Debian and Ubuntu. While the pictures and videoes on said package look amazing, well, there is still a lot of work to be done.

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Hey Sub_Atomic_Quark,

First off, we apologise for not coming back to you sooner but the itch notification got lost in the crowd.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

Since we have shifted to a more generic system for packaging (Effing package management: ), it is possible that there are some structural differences, although we did not experience such problems, at least in some later versions of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, SUSE and Red Hat. It could also be something that arose in our last releases, so we will definitely have a look at it and consider your helpful instructions :)

In the meanwhile, could you provide us with some more information about the Linux distribution that you are using?

Regarding the installation, here is a direct link to the documentation:

We did not package the mono dependencies in the deb package - so a separate installation is, in fact, required.

All of my dev machines are the following in 86_64.

All use Xubuntu desktop (XFCE4 based).







Those are just the Ubuntu related version I have. The main one I use is 16.04 for client's needs. That's also what I have installed on the gaming systems, too.

Yes, I've read your instructions but there was no .deb for me to install, I had to generate it from the files and some were missing so I had to create dummy files. Also, I use mono-complete, which installs all of mono and it's dependencies as well. Your .deb file should have the proper version of Ubuntu it's designed for, what architecture and of course the specific packages as dependencies. About Ubuntu and it's forks, from time to time, often version to version they change the name of he package in question which makes it tough to write a shell script that is executed when you use dpkg to install the .deb installer archive file.


This is interesting, i'll check this out at a better time.


I'm going to try this out.

Hey Death SpecteR! Did you try it? Hope you liked it :)


No Not yet, Actually I have so many files I'm not sure where it went to ;)

I need to download another trial. It probably got mixed up with some downloaded mods.


Hello again, I recently got the money to buy Procedural Engine, and I must say, I am a satisfied customer. I can see lots of potential in this program, and even in this early state, it is very well made! I do have 2 quick questions;

1. Does/will this support Unreal Engine integration as it does Unity?

2. I bought Procedural Engine, and I have my license, but I am on a long vacation away from my desktop and was wondering if there is a way to get a second copy of my license for my laptop, maybe from email?

Anyways, I look forward to seeing this software improve and grow!


Hi JTrocks55!
Thank you for the compliments :)
To answer your questions:

  1. We get this question a lot :) Yes, that is definitely in our dev pipeline and something we consider to be very relevant for us to have. Unfortunately, at this time it is difficult for us to give you a specific date for it.
  2. Sure. Our license agreement states that the same Early Access license can be used by the licensee on different machines, as long as there is no abuse :)

Your support is much appreciated!


Thank you for the answers! :)


Download is not working

Thank you for reporting this.

We corrected the problem so you can download it now :)


Still testing my free trial, just finished the tutorial samples, and this so far looks very promising. I am excited to buy it when I get the money to. Very clean, well done, the 3D view is a little odd to work in but overall this is a very good piece of software!

Thank you for the compliment and feedback JTrocks55! :)
The 3D Navigation is a bit different from the existing ones. We don't know how we are going to process that.


No problem! The 3D view is fine, I just meant it is a bit odd compared to other software, like you said. Nothing bad about it though. Anyway, great job so far!