A downloadable tool for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

The 3D Scenes Procedural Engine

Create 3D Scenes and other elements with our procedural engine's unique node-based language.

Sceelix Website

Main features include:

  1. All-Purpose Generation: Produce all and any kind of designs, from terrains, to roads and buildings, trees, vehicles, furniture and so on.

  2. All-in-one Node-based Language: Instead of using complicated, text-based script to define the rules, Sceelix provides a visual, node-based language that makes the understanding, control and management of rules much simpler and intuitive. All types of content can be manipulated using this same language and in a single pipeline, for a more seamless integration.

  3. Compound nodes: Create graphs with the node-based language and reference them in other graphs as compound nodes. This way you can increase the complexity of your project while keeping it neat and tidy.

  4. API: Through a simple and carefully-designed C# API, anyone can develop and share new features in Sceelix: add more rules and algorithms and data types; define new import and export formats, build UI extensions and much more! We want to make Sceelix a testing and sharing ground for all procedural generation techniques and designs.

  5. Game engine integration: It is Sceelix's goal to integrate into your way of doing things and your favorite tools. Therefore, Sceelix accepts popular file formats. With our Unity plugin you can procedurally create game objects with behaviours.

  6. Runtime generation: Integrate Sceelix's engine into your game and have it generate content while users play it.

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Sceelix trial 32-bit
Sceelix trial 64-bit
Sceelix trial (Mac)
Sceelix trial (Ubuntu, Debian)
Sceelix trial (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE)


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This is interesting, i'll check this out at a better time.


I'm going to try this out.

Hey Death SpecteR! Did you try it? Hope you liked it :)


No Not yet, Actually I have so many files I'm not sure where it went to ;)

I need to download another trial. It probably got mixed up with some downloaded mods.


Hello again, I recently got the money to buy Procedural Engine, and I must say, I am a satisfied customer. I can see lots of potential in this program, and even in this early state, it is very well made! I do have 2 quick questions;

1. Does/will this support Unreal Engine integration as it does Unity?

2. I bought Procedural Engine, and I have my license, but I am on a long vacation away from my desktop and was wondering if there is a way to get a second copy of my license for my laptop, maybe from email?

Anyways, I look forward to seeing this software improve and grow!


Hi JTrocks55!
Thank you for the compliments :)
To answer your questions:

  1. We get this question a lot :) Yes, that is definitely in our dev pipeline and something we consider to be very relevant for us to have. Unfortunately, at this time it is difficult for us to give you a specific date for it.
  2. Sure. Our license agreement states that the same Early Access license can be used by the licensee on different machines, as long as there is no abuse :)

Your support is much appreciated!


Thank you for the answers! :)


Download is not working

Thank you for reporting this.

We corrected the problem so you can download it now :)


Still testing my free trial, just finished the tutorial samples, and this so far looks very promising. I am excited to buy it when I get the money to. Very clean, well done, the 3D view is a little odd to work in but overall this is a very good piece of software!

Thank you for the compliment and feedback JTrocks55! :)
The 3D Navigation is a bit different from the existing ones. We don't know how we are going to process that.


No problem! The 3D view is fine, I just meant it is a bit odd compared to other software, like you said. Nothing bad about it though. Anyway, great job so far!